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Life of Linda S. Gunn |
Artist, Author, and Illustrator
Linda S. Gunn

An established Artist of thirty-plus years was taught to draw at an early age by her Disney Artist Grandfather, George Drake. Drake had been hired by Walt Disney in 1929 to hire and train new artists for the fledgling Walt Disney Studio. Linda, who was an avid reader of illustrated books became encouraged toward painting by the works of the famous illustrators, Howard Pyle, NC Wyeth, Norman Rockwell, Arthur Rackham, and later by the paintings of Andrew Wyeth.

At the age of ten, she was given John Gnagy's Art Studio In A Box. It contained instructional books with supplies for drawing, oil, and watercolor painting.

She had several opportunities to visit the works of her favorite artists through visits to the Los Angeles Museum of Art and the Barnsdale Park Art Gallery in Los Angeles.

Linda's drawing skills were perfected through years of life drawing classes at Long Beach City College.

She went back to the college to study watercolor under the esteemed artist Michael Daniel while her children were in school. 1981-1992.

Linda also spent her creative time painting sets, making posters, and sewing costumes for the fledgling Long Beach Ballet Company.

The City of Long Beach Recreation Department hired her to teach weekly watercolor classes until she moved on to teach classes for the Palos Verdes Art Center.


In 1995 Linda founded and directed NAPA USA, the National Acrylic Painters Association at the request of Alwyn Crawshaw, President of England’s NAPA, National Acrylic Painters

Association. Gerald Brommer served as Honorary President. Linda served as director

through 2004. She organized joint exhibitions for American members to exhibit their paintings in England and for the English members to exhibit in America.


Linda has illustrated two books by ND Mansour, Retired CEO of Mattel Corp. The full-color hardbound books were written for charity.

FLORIAN’S SPECIAL GIFT was a story written to help children deal with the loss of a family member. It was distributed through Trinity Care Hospice.

A CEDAR VALLEY CHRISTMAS was written to help children learn about giving of themselves and sharing. It contains several short related stories where a mysterious white-bearded man keeps showing up. The books were sent to children’s charities, and Boys and Girls Clubs and handed out at city holiday events.


Linda has illustrated several books and book covers. Including MAGIC IN THE MIST, 2015 Knowonder Publications. DRAGON TALES, FANGTALES, and MERTALES, 209 -2011 Wyvern Publications. BLOOD TIDE, A Promise of Freedom, by Holly Stacey 2011

And ALL IN THE WOODS, 2011 Wyvern Publications.


Linda Gunn’s instructional articles and paintings have been published in numerous books and publications including Russia’s first and only magazine for artists, EX’CORBET 1996. Linda’s paintings are on the front and back covers along with a five-page article inside.


The Cornell Museum of Art and History, Del Ray Beach, FL has given Linda two solo exhibitions.

She exhibits through the Long Beach Museum of Art’s Biannual Art Auctions.

The Signature American Watermedia Exhibitions

The Laguna Plein Air Association Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

Represented by Art Images Gallery, Seal Beach, CA

My Grandfather |
My Grandfather

My Grandparents and mother. 1925. Grandpa was to become the inspiration for Disney's Dopey and Ichabod Crane because of his ears. He hired and trained new artists for the fledging Walt Disney Studios beginning in 1929. He was my early inspiration to become an artist.

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