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Three California girls-Marie, Nina, and Mo-sometimes three stooges, sometimes three musketeers, but sisters forever. Nina the middle child, often escapes to a world of fantasy, sometimes to get comfortable in her own mind and sometimes to cope with her immediate family members. Full of imagination, creativity, and fun, Nina embraces both "what is" and "what might be" with undoubting enthusiasm. Fairy Tales Can Come True is Nina's story. It reflects her humor, shows her frustrations with the limitations of reality, and shares the trials and tribulations of growing up as part of a widely diverse bevy of females in the 1950s. The story conveys key elements in Nina's early life as a daydreaming child whose desire to fly away to Neverland consumes her very being. Come join her journey, and enjoy the flight. Find out how her fairytale came true, with the price of having to share Neverland's magic with her sisters. Nina's sisters seem to have all the fun in the beginning yet the adventure turns into a nightmare for all three girls. A nightmare that only Nina can fix.

Fairy Tales
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